Project description

The key challenge of my project is to implement and benchmark new models to predict the response of discontinuous fibre reinforced composites. The models will be developed mainly in collaboration with the Imperial College of London, and will be validated using an actual part designed in Toyota Motor Europe (TME). More specifically, I will be dealing with a chassis component made with Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC).

I will conduct a series of tests to study this material’s behaviour when undergoing static and fatigue loading. Using this test campaign results, I will validate, and eventually improve, the analytical models for failure prediction, and implement it in a Finite Element Analysis solver. In this way, a new tool for composite design against static and fatigue loading will be available.


PhD researcher at Toyota Motor Europe and KU Leuven (2017-present).

M.Sc and B.Sc, Aerospace Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy (2010-2016).

Research interests

Composite material damage models; Structural design with composite materials; Fatigue in composites

Personal note

My curiosity is not only scientific, but embrace every aspect of my life: I love travelling across the world, knowing other people cultures, habits and food. I also like to read adventure novels and classics, passion that often makes me explore new worlds when I can’t leave home. Like reading, I like writing: I occasionally collaborate with an Italian scientific website about engineering. Recently I have also started studying and practicing photography, with quite satisfying results.

I am also passionate about history and politics, but when I want to take a break and just relax, I enjoy spending time with friends, hanging in clubs or playing tennis.

Latest publications by Luca Martulli

Pushing the boundaries of carbon fibre sheet moulding compounds: application to thick automotive components

SAMPE Europe 2019, Nantes, France, 17-19 September 2019

Weld lines in tow-based sheet moulding compounds tensile properties: Morphological detrimental factors

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2019

Morphology-induced fatigue crack arresting in carbon fibre sheet moulding compounds

International Journal of Fatigue, 2020