Project description

The project aims firstly at identifying an original microstructural concept, based on biomimetics and engineering considerations, with the greatest potential for improved damage tolerance.

Following this, analytical and FE models will be developed in order to understand the mechanisms and the parameters which govern the outstanding properties of the selected microstructural concept.

Subsequently, a dedicated manufacturing process will be devised to obtain this microstructure in practice, and specimens will be prepared to characterize the new material experimentally.


PhD Researcher at Imperial College London (2017-present).

M.Sc and B.Sc, Aerospace Engineering, University of Pisa and EPFL Lausanne, Italy (2010-2016).

Research interests

Bio-Inspired Composite Materials, Micromechanics of Composites, Manufacturing and Testing of Composites, Fracture Mechanics, Finite Element Modelling

Personal note

I am a reliable, dynamic and determined person, always ready to face new challenges with particular attention to detail and risk evaluation related to any decision taken. I deeply believe that shearing of knowledge and collaboration in a team work are of fundamental importance in order to improve the quality of the tasks to be achieved.

Lately, I developed a deep interest in project management which I constantly try to deepen. In my spare time I enjoy everything is related to art and music. I am a musician, an avid reader and adventurer. I am also an experienced hiker and mtb cyclist.

Latest publications by Lorenzo Mencattelli

Low Velocity Impact and Compression After Impact of thin-ply CFRP Bouligand Structures

European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM 18), Athens, Greece, 24-28 June 2018

Engineering tensile behavior of hybrid carbon fibre/self-reinforced polypropylene composites by bio-inspired fibre discontinuities

Composites Part B: Engineering, 2019

Bio-inspired design for enhanced damage tolerance of self-reinforced polypropylene/carbon fibre polypropylene hybrid composites

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2019