Project description

The key challenge of this PhD project is to develop and optimize new advanced textile reinforcements based on hybrid plies and/or chopped fiber mats and quantify benefits compared to standard composites. The main tasks include manufacturing and analysis of various reinforcement forms, and identifying suitable hybrid layup structures using those forms.

Further to manufacture and characterize the composite parts manufactured using the developed hybrid textiles and layup to understand the effect of hybridization on the composite properties. Modelling and simulation for the textiles and composites for prediction of the mechanical behavior of hybrid composites will also form a part in this project. This part is to be carried out in close cooperation with other project partners specifically working on the simulation work packages in the project.

The study would further explore different possibilities of hybrid composites those including inter-ply, inter-tow and intimate fiber hybrid structures and hybrids including different forms of short fibers (lengths, type and properties) for suitable application in automotive, aerospace and sports and leisure fields.


PhD researcher at Chomarat Textiles Industries and MINES ParisTech (2017-present).

M.Tech., Textiles Engineering/Composites at IIT Delhi, India and Universität Stuttgart, Germany (2010-2012).

B.Text., Man Made Textiles Technology, Shivaji University, India (2006-2010).

Research interests

Textile Manufacturing (Fibers, Fabrics, Technical Textiles), Composite Process Development, Composite Characterization, Project Management and Acquisition.

Personal note

My other extracurricular interests include: travelling through language, history and culture, reading, listening to music both classical Indian and western, watching and playing cricket and participating in welfare programs and social service.

Latest publications by Ashok Rajpurohit

Hybrid Effect in In-Plane Loading of Carbon/Glass Fibre Based Inter-and Intraply Hybrid Composites

Journal of Composites Science, 2020

Manufacturing and performance of hybrid fabric reinforcements and their composites

18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM18), 24 - 28 June 2018, Athens, Greece