Project description

The key challenge of my project is to improve, extend and experimentally validate existing models for the longitudinal tensile failure of unidirectional composites. My work requires extensive experimental research and computer modelling. Several secondments are getting me in touch with the state of the art in computer tomography and numerical methods.

I will investigate samples using a synchrotron particle accelerator to create real time scans of the progressing failure. This data will be used to provide numerical input parameters of the used composite material. I will refine existing models as well as extend the regarded scope to dynamic effects during fiber failure.


PhD Researcher at KU Leuven (2017-present).

Diplom-Ingenieur in Mechanical Engineering (Lightweight Engineering), Dresden University of Technology, Germany (2010-2016).

Research interests

Numerical simulation of damage and failure in composites, Non-Destructive testing of composites, 3D-Printing of Composites

Personal note

Outside of work I like to be active. I am a passionate hobby cyclist and enjoy exploring nature. Traveling abroad of my home country many times allowed me to experience different cultures and countries around the world. Especially trying out “new” kinds of food and learning more about the history of the cities and places brings me joy.

Working with 3D printing also became a hobby for me. I like to use it at home to create gifts and little gimmicks for my friends and family.

Latest publications by Christian Breite

Direct comparison of the fibre break development in unidirectional carbon fibre composites under tension predicted by statistical methods and measured using 4D in-situ SRCT

American Society of Composites -35th Technical Conference, virtual, 14-17 September 2020

State-of-the-art models for mechanical performance of carbon-glass hybrid composites in wind turbine blades

Risø International Symposium on Material Science, virtual, 7-10 September 2020

Multi-instrument multi-scale experimental damage mechanics for fibre reinforced composites

International Conference On Textile Composites (TEXCOMP-13), Milan, Italy, 17-19 September 2018